How To Prevent Diabetic Muscle Pain

Diabetes is a health condition which can affect any person of any age, sex or gender and lead to severe complications and problems in the patient’s body if not controlled on time. One of the most common problems that diabetic patients face is that of muscle pain in all their body parts.

Prevent Diabetic Muscle Pain

This kind of a pain can hamper your day to day activities and force you to take bed rest on a regular basis. With the help of some tips and steps we can prevent this kind of a pain from developing in our body and keep ourselves active and healthy as far as possible.

Tips To Prevent Diabetic Muscle Pain

Exercise Regularly

Being an extremely effective way to prevent muscle pain from taking place, exercising on a regular basis for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes also helps to keep your body fit and healthy. The muscles function without any difficulty and stay in good condition if the diabetic patient exercises regularly.

You can start walking, jogging, swimming or cycling and ask a friend or family member to accompany you. You can even take up an outdoor hobby which is of interest to you.

Wonders Of Stretching

Many people adhere to exercising to prevent muscle pain but do not stretch as they do not know the wonders associated with it. You must stretch before and after you exercise, as this will prevent your muscles from becoming stiff and sore. These happen to be the main reasons for muscle pain. Ask your trainer or doctor for some basic stretching exercises and stretch for 5 minutes daily.

Diet Rich In Potassium

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent muscle pain from occurring in your body is by opting to eat a diet which is rich in potassium. Potassium is a mineral which helps to make the movements of our muscle smooth and regulates its function immensely.

Food items such as meats, fruits like banana, fish, green vegetables and dairy products are an excellent source of potassium and must be consumed in good quantities every day to prevent muscle pains from occurring.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

A diabetic patient must keep going to his doctor for regular checks. Your doctor can prescribe you anti-inflammatory medicines which must be consumed every day in the recommended doses. This helps to prevent the muscle from swelling up and causing pain.


Another effective preventive measure for muscle pain is resorting to physiotherapy under the guidance of a trained and expert physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist will help increase the flow of blood to the muscles and prevent cramps from taking place. The effects of physiotherapy are long-lasting and you must complete the whole course or duration of the therapy without missing any classes.


Get a massage done 2 to 3 times in a week. This will help to keep the blood circulating well in your entire body and prevent muscle pains from occurring. It also removes any body pain from occurring. Use good quality essential oils when getting a massage done. You can hire a masseur to give you a good massage in the comfort of your home or visit a massage parlor for the same purpose.

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