How To Test For Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is common health problem that affects a number of people worldwide. It is now a leading cause for death along with other health complications like kidney diseases, heart problems, nerve damage and blindness in people suffering from this condition. Diabetes mellitus also known as diabetes is a chronic condition in which the cells and the tissue of body are either unable to utilize the insulin or the pancreases produce less insulin.

Test Diabetes Mellitus

While in Type 1 diabetes the pancreas produce less insulin, in Type 2 diabetes the insulin secretion is normal but the cells are unable to utilize it. This results in low absorption of glucose and high blood sugar levels. Some women can suffer from diabetes during pregnancy which is also known as gestational diabetes. Pre diabetes is a condition in which the sugar levels are unusually high but not enough for a person to have diabetes. Seeking a course of action to treat diabetes mellitus is imperative as it can have a negative impact on the body.

Diabetes Test and Diagnosis

If a person suffers from symptoms like fatigue, weakness, increasing appetite, frequent thirst and urination then he or she should get themselves tested for diabetes mellitus. Since the symptoms of this condition can be confused with other it is necessary to get the right diagnosis and tests done.

Glycated Hemoglobin Test

Also known as the A1c test, the glycated hemoglobin test is done to check the increased sugar levels in the hemoglobin. When the sugar levels in the blood rises it combines with the hemoglobin. A blood test is done to check for glycated hemoglobin. The test reveals the values in percentages. If the value is less than 5.7% then the person is normal. Anything above 6.5% is considered as a positive result for diabetes.

Fasting Plasma Glucose Test

One of the most common ways of testing diabetes mellitus, the fasting glucose test is cheap and reliable way of finding out whether you have elevated blood sugar levels. To do this test a person has to fast for around eight hours.

This can be done with the diabetes home tests on in a laboratory. A blood sample is taken and then tested. If the level is above 126 milligrams per deciliter then the person is considered to have diabetes. If the levels are between 100 to 125 mg/dl then the person has prediabetes.

Oral Glucose Test

In this test the person fasts for around eight hours after which he or she has a glass of glucose and water. The glucose in this solution should be around 75 grams. Two hours after drinking this glucose solution tests are done. If the value is more than 200 ml/dl then the person has diabetes. For results less than 139 ml/dl the levels are considered to be normal. Anything between these values indicates that the person may be suffering from prediabetes.

To check for gestational diabetes the sample is collected four times. Once while fasting and the rest of the tests are done in the course of every hour. Sometimes doctors perform random blood wherein the blood sugar test is done at any random time. If the levels are 200 ml/dl then it suggests diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus tests should be regularly done especially for people over the age of 45. For people with family history of diabetes mellitus or who are overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle the tests must be done frequently. It is important that there is no cure for diabetes mellitus and the only way to avoid health complications is by managing the diabetes with medications, diet and exercise. So do get yourself tested and take proper steps to keep your sugar levels in check if you have diabetes.

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