How To Test For Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming an extremely common disease with almost one-thirds of the world’s population suffering from this problem. If you doubt the fact that you are suffering from diabetes but are not sure of it, you can get certain tests done which determine the fact whether you have diabetes or not.

They also determine the level of sugar in your blood so that it becomes easy for the doctor to understand the extent of the disease you are currently suffering from and prescribe the medicines and the correct doses for you. You can get these tests done at any medical testing center and get the results in a few days.

Different Kinds Of Diabetes Test

Fasting Blood Glucose Test

The most common test to check whether you are suffering from diabetes is the fasting blood glucose test. In this test, the patient is required to fast or not eat anything at all for a minimum of 12 to 14 hours before the test is done.

This is the reason why this test is generally done early in the morning and the patient is advised to eat his dinner early on the previous night. The time at which he should finish his dinner is generally told to him. Only water can be consumed in these 12 hours of fasting, all other types of beverages should be strictly avoided.

Random Blood Glucose Test

Another common type of test which is done for diabetes is random blood glucose test. In this test, the patient does not need to do any type of fasting as the level of glucose in his blood is checked at any random time of the day. It is not related to your previously eaten meals. If a person does not have diabetes, his blood glucose level will remain constant during the day, no matter what he has eaten or when he has eaten his last meal.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

The oral glucose tolerance test is another simple test to determine whether a patient has diabetes or not. In this test, the patient is given a drink which is high in glucose content. After the patient consumes the drink, his blood sample is taken at regular intervals in the next two hours and it is checked for the level of glucose that it contains.

This is one of the best tests to be sure that the patient is diabetic or not and can be done in any medical center or even in your doctor’s chamber.

Hemoglobin A1c Test

This kind of a test does not record the level of blood sugar in your body on the day the test is performed. The average blood sugar in your body in the last 2 to 3 months is measured to check whether the level of blood glucose has stayed within recommended limits or exceeded it.

This kind of a test should be generally done every 6 months to keep a proper check of the disease and also determine if you are suffering from it in the first place. The patient does not need to fast for this kind of a test or make any preparations beforehand.

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