How To Treat Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is also called as ‘type 2 diabetes‘. It is a metabolic disorder in which glucose is not properly utilized by the organs. The Malfunction of pancreas in the generation of insulin leads to rise of blood sugar level. Diabetes mellitus also leads to fatal conditions in cases of long term complications.

How To Treat Diabetes Mellitus

Effective Tips To Treat Diabetes Mellitus

Balanced Diet

A healthy diet plan is required for constant blood sugar level. Consume a well balanced diet that has less fat and more fibre content. Slow release carbohydrates are good for diabetes patients. They take a long time to get digested and prevent the insulin production. You can eat nuts, whole grains, beans, seeds, sea foods and lean meats. Unhealthy fats such as saturated and trans fat should be avoided. Unsaturated fats are healthy fats and are not harmful for health. Consult your dietician if you are unable to derive a diet plan.

Weight Management

Obesity is a serious threat for many complicated diseases including diabetes. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) and see if it is normal. In case you are obese, set short term realistic goals to reduce weight.

Weight reduction can only be achieved by means of balanced diet and workouts. Both should go hand in hand. If you exercise daily but have no control of diet then it is of no use.


Regular habit of exercising helps to lower the diabetes risk. Even a 30 minutes walking for 4-5 days a week would be beneficial. Activity can be of any form. It is not necessary that you need to hit gym daily. Instead of an idle life style, follow an active life style by doing activities of your interest. Take steps instead of an elevator. Go by walk for shopping if it is less than 1 km distance.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid or reduce consuming alcohol. Drinking too much of alcohol is risky for type 2 diabetes. Alcohol consumption causes rapid fluctuation in blood sugar level and increases triglycerides. If you are unable to quit alcohol consult your physician.


If a diabetes patient smokes cigarettes or uses tobacco, it increases the complication. Tobacco of any form is harmful for diabetes mellitus and causes poor blood circulation.

Monitor Blood Sugar Level

Monitor blood glucose level frequently by yourself. Check the sugar level before meals and before going to bed. Log these results in a logbook.

Also make a note of medication dose, time of medication, time of eating, exercising duration and any significant event. Advanced equipments are available nowadays, which makes the process oftesting blood sugar level less painful.


For type 1 diabetes, multiple insulin injections are compulsorily given daily to control insulin levels. For some of type 2 diabetes cases, insulin is recommended. Instead of injections, insulin pump is used. This pump is worn on the patient’s belt and insulin is sent through catheter kept on the abdomen. Six major types of insulin are as follows.

  • Rapid acting analogues
  • Short acting analogues
  • Intermediate acting analogues
  • Long acting analogues
  • Mixed analogues
  • Mixed insulin

The dosage of insulin is determined by the doctor and there is no standard dose. The dosage is determined by various factors like your weight, activity level, diet habits and the amount of insulin produced by your body.


When blood sugar level is high in spite of disciplined life style, oral medications are prescribed by physician. Medications are given in the form of pills to decrease blood sugar production, boost insulin production and to progress the efficiency of body to produce insulin naturally.

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