How To Use A Diabetes Test Meter

Diabetes can lead to kidney diseases, limb amputation, blindness and even heart attacks. Many diabetic patients around the world have now started using a diabetes test meter in the convenience of their homes to keep a track of their blood sugar level on a regular basis.

How To Use A Diabetes Test Meter

These diabetic test meters are also known as glucose meter and tell your sugar level within seconds of its use. It is a very convenient, simple and easy-to-use device and you can monitor the amount of blood sugar in your body without having to go to a testing centre or visiting your doctor.

Ideas For Using A Diabetes Test Meter

Buying the Apt Meter

There are various types of test meters available in the market varying in the amount of blood to be used, size, complexity, speed and even pricing. You should choose the test meter which best suits your needs and fits well into your budget.

Nowadays, many test meters come with an in-built memory which records all your readings in its memory slot along with the testing’s date and time. It is recommended to buy such a machine as it eliminates the need of recording the reading on a regular basis manually.

Getting the Meter Ready

Take out the glucose meter along with the test strips, alcohol and the piercer that you will use to prick your skin. Make sure that your hand is completely clean and so is the chosen test site where you will prick for blood. Switch on the test meter and wait for a beep to be heard which gives a signal to the user that the machine is ready for use.

Entering the Strip into the Meter

Once the beep is heard, insert the test strip into the meter with the arrow side of the strip moving inside the slot allotted for it. Wait for 2 to 3 seconds so that the strip is read by the meterand is ready to take your blood sample on it.

Clean your chosen site with alcohol, allow it to dry and then prick it. Press the area around it so that blood comes out. The pricked finger should be pointed downwards and the fresh drop of blood should be placed on the test strip.

Checking the Results

The strip will absorb the blood drop and within 3 seconds the test meter will display your blood sugar level on the display screen. You can then wash your hands again and clean your finger properly. It is very important to throw away the used strip, alcohol dipped cotton ball and related materials carefully. Most test meters beep or emit a sound when the result is displayed on the screen.

You must ensure that you insert the test strip into the meter only after the machine has beeped and gives a signal to insert it. Also, the blood should neither be dropped on the strip too early nor too late or else the reading may be incorrect or the screen may show no reading at all. You must remember not to leave the used test strip on the slot of the test meter and remove the strip as soon as your testing is done.

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