Identifying Symptoms That Diagnose Diabetes In Infants

The most common type of diabetes observed in infants, Type 1 diabetes is a severe medical condition that affects the ability of the body to process blood sugar. Diabetes in infants is also known as the juvenile diabetes. In this condition, the immune system of the baby, itself attacks and destroys the cells of the body and hinders the ability to produce insulin that helps in the process of distributing glucose to several cells of the body.

Identifying Symptoms That Diagnose Diabetes In Infants

Like several ailments, diagnosing diabetes in infants is a tough bet because they cannot explain what they are going through. They cry to signal for almost all of their problems. Infants cry when they are hungry, thirsty, wet, or if they have a stomach ache. In this situation, it becomes difficult to understand what they may be suffering from, and to identify diabetes out of all the problems is considerably a difficult task. But, if you know the various symptoms of diabetes, it will help you diagnose diabetes in infants.

Symptoms to Diagnose Diabetes in Infants

Increased Urination

Increased urination is the trademark symptom of diabetes. It can be one of the most important signs when it comes to diagnose diabetes in infants. If you notice that your baby is urinating more than normal, then you must check with the pediatrician to confirm whether it could be diabetes that is bothering the child.

Many times, people ignore this symptom, considering it to be a reason related to excessive drinking. However, it is just the inverse, as a baby tends to drink more because of excessive urination caused by the body’s attempt to flush out excessive glucose from the body.

Excessive Thirst

Excessive thirst is one of the most important symptoms of diabetes, which can help diagnose diabetes in infants. If the baby feels thirsty very frequently, it might be a good idea to check with the doctor, as it could be because of lack of insulin in the body that makes the baby feel thirsty so often.

Sudden Weight Loss

Diabetes can lead to sudden weight loss in infants or it may also obstruct the baby from gaining a healthy weight. Sometimes, if you notice that your baby is losing a lot of weight, you must not ignore it and check with the pediatrician immediately for it could be a symptom of diabetes. When the body is unable to get sufficient energy due to the lack of insulin in the body, it tends to break the body fat naturally to fulfill the required need for energy.

Diaper Rashes

More often than not, every infant experiences diaper rashes, but if you notice that the common diaper rashes tend to bother your baby for a little longer than expected, then it may be a concern. Diabetes causes delayed healing of diaper rashes, cuts or wounds in infants.


Irritability is one of the first signs that can indicate diabetes in infants. Diabetes may make your baby feel sick, which may lead to unusual behavior. If you may observe that your baby has become cranky and cries more often than not, despite being fed on time, then the chances are that your baby might be suffering from diabetes.

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