Important Causes Of Hyper Diabetes

Hyper diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which the blood sugar level rises very high and may lead to diabetic coma. In this ailment, the sugar content in the body rises and gets accumulated in the blood stream. When the sugar level rises in the blood, kidneys try to flush out the excessive glucose content in the form of urination.

In hyper diabetes, a person may feel hungry and thirsty after every short interval and need to eat and drink a lot, to satiate the urge. If the glucose level continues to climb up, it is essential to seek medical help.

Top Causes Of Hyper Diabetes

Prolonged Sickness Or Injuries

Prolonged illness or any serious injuries may lead to hyper diabetes. It leads to a rise in the hormone level of the body, which in turn stimulates the liver. This increases the glucose level in the body, as you need a lot of energy to fight the illness or heal the wound, caused due to a severe injury.

This increased level of glucose is required to give a boost to the body to get well soon. This situation does not bother you unless you are a diabetic. But, if you have diabetes, the insulin level would certainly be low in the body. In this case, if the glucose levels keep on increasing in the body, it may be a major cause of hyper diabetes.

Insufficient Or Incorrect Medication

When you take the medicines that are either not sufficient in their doses or are incorrect for the type of diabetes that you are suffering from, then sometimes it may lead to hyper diabetes.

It is very important that correct medicines are prescribed to you by your doctor and you take only those and not something that works as a replacement of that medicine.

Lack Of Enough Exercise

Lack of exercise is often one of the main causes of hyper diabetes. It is important to exercise daily to help maintain a healthy level of sugar in your body. Many times, when the blood sugar is high, people tend to feel lazy and avoid doing exercise. So, it is important that you do regular exercise and maintain a healthy body.

Inappropriate Food

A diabetic person should avoid eating a lot of carbohydrate-rich food. If you are taking a lot of carbohydrates in your daily food, then you are prone to hyper diabetes. It is very important that you eat the correct amount of food, which is prescribed by your doctor.

Body Weight

Increased body weight is also one of the most important causes of hyper diabetes. If your body weight increases, you would require increased amounts of insulin in order to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar in your body. It may lead to additional problems, if the body weight is not maintained.


Stress is a very dangerous cause that leads to hyper diabetes. When you are stressed, your body tends to consider you sick and begins to treat it the way it needs to treat any other sickness. As a result, it pushes the levels of glucose in the blood.

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