Important Symptoms Of Diabetes And Headaches

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous ailments that can hinder the quality of life of a person. It can cause a number of problems including severe and frequent headaches. Diabetes is often developed as a result of uncontrolled levels of glucose in the body. This condition leads to accumulation of the sugar content in the blood, disrupting the normal functioning of a body. To ease this situation, the kidneys drain out the extra sugar content in the form of urine.

Important Symptoms Of Diabetes And Headaches

Diabetes and Headaches

There are a number of symptoms that can suggest diabetes in a person. Headache is one of the most significant symptoms that indicate the onset of diabetes in a person. It is one of the first symptoms a person may experience during the early stages of Type 2 diabetes.

In diabetes, the pain may be on both sides of the head or it may occur only on one side. A diabetic person is prone to get usual mild headaches regularly. In most of the cases, when a person with diabetes gets sudden severe headaches or migraine attacks, it indicates that the health condition may be worsening and it is time to consult the doctor soon.

Headaches in diabetes are considered to be dull, which usually brings an agonizing sensation in the temples. It often combines with fatigue, state of confusion and irritability. You may also feel restlessness throughout the time. It is also observed that headaches in diabetic people can also lead to a strange craving for carbohydrates, which may be one of the ways of the body to regulate the imbalanced levels of glucose in the blood and prevent headache.

Important Symptoms of Diabetes and Headaches


A person suffering from diabetes is prone to get irritable more often than usual. It brings a sudden increase in anger on petty things that may have not mattered otherwise. This symptom is mostly best observed by close family members or friends with whom you tend to interact the most.

This is because for the most part of it, they would be the ones who would get the brunt of your bad mood. So, if you hear them say that you have started to get more angry than usual, do not hit them or get mad at them. They may have observed what you choose to ignore. It could be one of the most potent symptoms of diabetes and headaches induced due to diabetes.

Blurry Vision

Diabetes in its advanced stages can cause huge damage to your eyes and can lead to blurry vision. You may not be able to see things clearly or would not be able to focus properly. You may also experience pain and strain in your eyes, when you try to focus on something. If you observe any of these conditions, it is important that you check with an eye specialist as well as consult your physician. This may be a symptom of diabetes.


Nervousness is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes and headaches. When the blood sugar levels in the body get imbalanced, it may lead to nervousness.

An immensely confident person may also get nervous of the things, which may have been the area of his or her expertise. Diabetes can do strange things with your body, so it is important to understand the symptoms of this disorder and act promptly.


A diabetic person may experience fatigue while doing the simplest of work. When the sugar levels get disrupted in the body, it may cause a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. You may observe yourself that you do not feel as much energetic as you used to feel earlier.

This may be a glaring sign of diabetes. It is essential that you do not ignore this symptom by thinking that it may be just like that and would be fine later. It may become very difficult to control the blood sugar when it has reached its advanced stages because you may not realize, and suddenly one day you might get a stroke or it could even lead you to coma.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are some of the crucial symptoms of diabetes and headaches. A person suffering from diabetes may often experience the feeling of nausea and tend to vomit a lot. This may be a problem with the stomach too.

It is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you experience these conditions for it may be diabetes. If diabetes is diagnosed in its early stages, it can be controlled and one can lead a normal life, with good treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

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