Main Causes Of Diabetes Besides Thirst & Urination

Diabetes is a group of disorders that revolves around high blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia. This medical condition is basically a metabolism disorder in which the body fails to effectively use the digested food in the form of energy. Ideally, the digestive tract is responsible for breaking down the carbohydrates into glucose, which is a form of sugar that is sent to the blood stream.

Pancreas produce insulin, which is a hormone used to help the cells to absorb glucose and use it in the form of energy, for the body to function properly. However, in diabetes, the body either fails to make sufficient insulin or becomes unable to use the insulin properly, or in some cases both.

You may observe a lot of symptoms of diabetes besides thirst and urination in people who are suffering from diabetes. It is essential to understand the causes of diabetes. Diabetes can develop in a person due to various causes such as impaired immune system, environmental factors,genetics and hormonal changes.

Major Causes of Diabetes Besides Thirst & Urination

Immune System

Impaired immune system is one of the main causes of diabetes. In diabetes, the healthy cells get attacked by our own immune system. In this attack, the immune system destroys the healthy cells that help produce insulin, the hormone needed to convert the digested food into energy. This leads to reduced or sometimes no production of insulin, which causes the glucose to pile up in the blood stream and contribute to the development of diabetes.


Genes inherited from parents or immediate family members play a very significant role in the development of diabetes. When a person has the genes from a family with a history of diabetes, he/she becomes more susceptible towards developing diabetes at some point of time in life.

However, merely genetics cannot lead to diabetes. It may combine with other significant factors such as environmental and lead to one of the most chronic diseases, known as diabetes.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors are also capable of causing diabetes. Viruses and bacteria such as rubella and chicken pox can be the potent factors that can cause diabetes. In many cases, it is observed that when a mother is not immune to these viruses, it makes the child vulnerable to this disease.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle, laid back routine, lack of exercise, addiction to smoking and alcohol are some of the main causes of diabetes.

In order to prevent oneself from developing diabetes, it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle in your day to day life.


The uncontrolled way of eating with lack of required physical activity leads to obesity. This is one of the most common causes of diabetes. When a person does not do much physical activity and continue eating fat-rich food, the belly fat tends to increase and produce hormones that can prove harmful to the body.

One may not realize that sometimes being overweight can be a great threat to one’s health and the overall quality of life. This can cause an insulin resistance, which is a very common symptom in people with Type-2 diabetes. In addition, obesity can also be dangerous for the heart and can cause cardiovascular diseases.

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