Major 5 Diabetic Causes In Babies

Diabetes in babies is considered to be one of the most severe ailments that can cause major discomfort in babies. Type 1 diabetes, also known as the juvenile diabetes is an autoimmune disease that itself destroys the healthy cells of the body. In this process, the immune system kills the cells producing insulin required to process glucose in the body.

The extra glucose gets accumulated in the blood to cause diabetes in babies. Understanding the causes of diabetes in babies can help understand the reason behind different symptoms. As the diagnosis of the diabetic symptoms in the babies can be difficult, as babies might not understand what may be bothering them. It is very important for the parents to know what may cause diabetes in their babies.

Understanding the Causes of Diabetes in Babies

Genetic Connection

Genetics play a very significant role in causing diabetes in babies. Babies are reported toinherit the genes that may cause diabetes and hamper their quality of life manifolds. More often than not, it is observed that babies who have diabetes running in the family makes them vulnerable towards diabetes.

If people in the immediate family like parents or siblings have diabetes, then it is very likely that the baby will also have diabetes. However, genetics alone is not responsible for causing diabetes. Sometimes, several other factors such as environment and food related factors combine to cause diabetes in babies.

Environmental Aspects

There are various environmental aspects that may lead to diabetes in babies. Some of the viruses such as chicken pox, Epstein-Barra, and rubella are the most potent environmental factors that may lead to diabetes in babies.

Many doctors ask pregnant ladies to test for rubella and chicken pox virus in their bodies, so that in case if they are not immune, doctors may plan some vaccines for them. These dangerous viruses attack and destroy the healthy cells in the pancreas and thus lead to adverse affects in the production of insulin in the body.

Stopping Breast Feeding

Untimely stoppage of breast feeding can lead to diabetes in babies. Doctors suggest that the mother’s milk is the healthiest food for the baby till the baby completes the first six months. But, many parents tend to find breast feeding a problem or are unable to provide mother’s milk, so they switch to cow’s milk or formula, which is made up of cow’s milk. This is considered to be harmful for the babies and may lead to juvenile diabetes.

Feeding Other Foods

When babies are fed with rice cereals or gluten even before they have reached 3 months of age, then it may lead to diabetes in babies. You must consult the doctor before you opt for any baby food because there are many foods that are not considered to be good for a baby’s health.

Make sure you read the ingredients on the back of the baby food box, to be sure that you are not feeding your baby with something that is considered incorrect and trigger diabetes in your baby.

Chemicals and Other Food Ingredients

Apart from terminating mother’s milk, environmental factors or hereditary aspects, there could be some other reasons as well that can cause diabetes in babies. There are several chemicals and dangerous food that can lead to diabetes in kids.

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