Major Diabetic Stomach Complications

One of the various complications of diabetes is stomach issues. Diabetes is related to delayed emptying of stomach, also known as gastroparesis. Weakening of important body processes due to diabetes consequently leads to problems with stomach.

Diabetes can change functioning of digestive system and lead to bloating and gas. Certain diabetic prescriptions can also result in acidic reactions. Stomach complications are one of the major causes for death due to diabetes. Let us try to understand more about diabetic stomach complications.

Diabetic Stomach Complications

Diabetic Complications With Gastroparesis

Diabetes can affect vagus nerve resulting in gastroparesis. This consequently leads to slow functioning of digestive system and delayed emptying of stomach contents.

A great majority of patients who have diabetes suffer from gastroparesis. Moderate to severe pain is experienced by patients who suffer from this condition due to diabetes. It increases the risk of blockage of GI tract. It can also lead to abnormal sugar levels with intermittent hyperglycemia due to inability of stomach to empty contents on a regular basis.

Diabetes And Acid Reflux

Most patients suffering from diabetes experience acid reflux symptoms due to low pressure on lower esophageal sphincter. This results in chronic intermittent pain in the stomach, which is similar to heartburn. Diabetic neuropathy can affect motor nerves of gastrointestinal tract.

This can cause esophageal abnormalities. Decreased rate of peristalsis is one such abnormality related to diabetes. This again is related to dysfunction of vagus nerve. The occurrence of reflux symptoms is very common in diabetic patients.

Complications With Diabetic Diarrhea

Diabetic diarrhea is a chronic syndrome that affects patient’s digestive system and results in recurrent diarrhea. The main cause of this syndrome is unknown; however, diabetic patients are commonly known to have this complication. Imbalance in normal functioning of human body due to diabetes results in improper absorption of colonic fluids.

This can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea in diabetes is also related to irritable bowel syndrome. Distinct cluster of stomach problems is known to be common in patients suffering from diabetes. Most of these complications lead to diarrhea.

Complications Of Diabetes With Stomach Ulcers and Obstipation

This is one of the common stomach complications in diabetes. Diabetes can cause ulcers in stomach. This results in moderate to severe stomach pain.

Increased acid content in stomach is the main reason for stomach irritation. These complications can result in nausea with vomiting. Another major cause for stomach pain is obstipation. Most diabetic patients suffer from this condition. It is related to dehydration caused by diabetes and often precedes diarrhea. It can be a chronic cause for stomach discomfort.

Complication With Generalized Stomach Discomfort

This is a chronic complication of diabetes. It is a result of various factors like indigestion, nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. Diabetic neuropathy and diabetic gastropathy are directly related to this complication. The main reason for generalized discomfort is unknown; however, its occurrence in diabetic patients is very common.

Recent studies have shown strong relation of stomach problems with diabetes mellitus. Chronic diabetic medications can also contribute to stomach discomfort and pain. Most patients are known to experience sudden and sharp abdominal pain that lasts only for a short period of time.

The stomach complications of diabetes are often indirect; however, they are very common in diabetic patients.

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