Most Common Symptoms Of Diabetes In Infants

Diabetes in infants, the Type 1 diabetes is a chronic ailment that hinders the ability of the body to process blood sugar. It is commonly known as the juvenile diabetes, as mostly infants, toddlers, teens and young adults are diagnosed with this category of diabetes. In this type of diabetes, our own immune system destroys the cells, which are required for producing insulin in our body.

Most Common Symptoms Of Diabetes In Infants

Insulin is a very important hormone that helps in the process of sending glucose to different cells in the body. It is considerably difficult to diagnose diabetes in infant because they are unable verbalize their problems. But the symptoms of diabetes are the same in both infants and adults, though, diabetes in infants progresses very quickly. So, in case you suspect your baby to be suffering from any diabetic symptoms, you must schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Infants

Increased Urination

If you notice that your baby is urinating a lot and you need to change the diapers more often than usual, then you must check with the pediatrician for it may be one of the most potent symptoms of juvenile diabetes. Mostly, parents do not doubt excessive urination of a baby and may tend to think that this could be because of excessive drinking. However, it is just the opposite condition, where a baby urinates more and the body requires drinking more, to fight against dehydration.

The fast depleting insulin causes increased urination. Due to the lack of sufficient insulin in the body, the glucose stays in the blood stream and increases abnormally. It requires an overtime work for the kidneys to filter out the over accumulated glucose from the system of the baby, which leads to increase in urination.

Excessive Thirst

If your baby gets thirsty every now and then and demands to drink very frequently, get alert. Despite feeding the baby regularly, you might notice that the baby is not feeling satisfied and needs more.

It may be lack of insulin in your baby’s body which is increasing the thirst and the hunger. The lack of enough insulin in the body can make your baby feel thirsty and hungry more often than normal.

Unfathomable Weight Loss

You may wonder why your baby is not gaining weight despite regular feeding. If you suspect an inexplicable weight loss in your baby, then you must not ignore it. It could be one of the symptoms of the Type 1 diabetes. When the body cells do not get energy from its designated source of energy, they begin to break down the body fat and lead to weight loss in infants.

Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are common in infants but if the rashes do not seem to improve as expected, it may be diabetes obstructing the healing in your baby’s body.

Diabetes is known to slow down the healing of wounds, cuts, infections or even rashes. This, coupled with excessive urination makes chronic diaper rashes a common symptom of diabetes in infants.


Diabetic symptoms in babies often make them irritable, hungry, thirsty and cranky. So, if you notice that your baby is cranky and inconsolable despite being fed properly and having slept normally, then you know there is a problem.

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