Most Common Symptoms Of Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes is the condition, where blood glucose levels exceed the normal level, but remain below the level that can be classified as diabetes. This condition is also called by the name of Impaired Fasting Glucose or IFG and Impaired Glucose Tolerance or IGT. In this condition, the body cells start becoming resistant to insulin, and the blood glucose levels start elevating. If not taken care of, these symptoms may result into more serious forms of diabetes, like, type-2 diabetes.

Most Common Symptoms Of Pre Diabetes

The people who are overweight, or are above the age of 40 and 45, or have high blood pressure condition, are more prone to the risk of developing pre diabetes. Also those, who have an unhealthy lifestyle and consume lots of junk food, can develop this condition. Individuals with cardiovascular diseases and sleep disorders also need to take special precautions, as they can also have pre diabetes.

Understanding the Symptoms of Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes is a silent condition and is usually not accompanied by very prominent symptoms. But you have to be vigilant, and listen to what your body tells you, especially, if you have a family history of diabetes. The symptoms of pre diabetes are very subtle, and you may need to go through a medical diagnosis to confirm the elevated levels of blood sugar. But, nevertheless, there are some symptoms, which if noticed in time, can help you in curing this condition, and prevent it from further deteriorating or getting converted to type-2 diabetes.

Symptoms of Pre Diabetes

Acanthosis Nigricans or Darkening of Skin at Specific Areas

Acanthosis nigricans is a major symptom of pre diabetes. In this condition, the skin of many body parts, darkens due to hyper pigmentation. The parts of the body that are most commonly affected include, armpits, neck, area between the legs, under the breasts and other such places, where skin gets folded. These dark spots are caused due to spilling of the excess insulin, over the skin cells, within the body, as body cells become resistant to insulin.

Blurriness of Vision

Higher glucose levels take the water out of the body tissues, including those of eyes, resulting into blurriness of the vision.

Frequent Urination

When the blood sugar level increases, the water comes out of the body tissues via osmosis, into the blood, for diluting this excess sugar. This results into increased load of water, in the bloodstream, and so, kidney works over time to remove this excess water. This excess water is removed from the body via urination. In pre diabetes, the frequency of urination increases from the normal level, though, it does not gets as complicated as in full fledged diabetes.

Insatiable Hunger and Thirst

In pre diabetes, the sugar level of the blood increases. This excess sugar is removed from the body, by kidneys, via urination. As a result, much of the glucose is wasted, and is unable to reach the desired cells and tissues, for energy production. Thus, the body cells start lacking in glucose and energy, and in order to compensate for that, person needs to consume more and more of food.

Also, person suffering from the condition of pre diabetes has to urinate very frequently. This results in removal of the water from body system, thereby igniting the thirst centre of the body. So, the person always feels thirsty and in need of replenishing the body fluids.

Unreasonable Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Pre diabetes is caused by the increased resistance of the body cells to insulin and elevated levels of blood sugar. This imbalance in the body glucose levels, and insulin resistance, leads to excessive weight gain and obesity. So, the person starts putting on weight, even without too much consumption of fats. This symptom is mostly found when the pre diabetes leads to type 2 diabetes.

The reverse may also happen, i.e., weight loss. As we know, glucose is the primary source of energy, for body cells. Due to increased blood glucose level, and insulin resistance, body cells are not able to get enough glucose, so they start breaking down the body fat, resulting in rapid weight loss.

Process of Healing Slows Down

This is also one of the symptoms of pre diabetes. In pre diabetic patients, the process of healing of cuts and other injuries slows down. This happens as excess glucose starts interfering with blood oxygen, and reduces the affect of medications.

Tingling Sensation in Limbs

The person having pre diabetes almost always feels a tingling sensation in his/her hands and feet. This tingling sensation is caused by excess sugar levels in the blood, which interfere with normal functioning of nerves, present in your limbs and start damaging them.

Recurring Infections

As we know, diabetes results into recurring infections, which take time to heal. Pre diabetes also gives same kind of symptoms, but they are mild, as compared to those of diabetes.

Mostly these infections occur in skin and gums, but bladder and vaginal infections may also occur.

Weakness, Fatigue and Flue like Feeling

In the condition of pre diabetes, the person always feels tired and fatigued. He/she feels like having flue, and always remains exhausted and even irritated, due to weakness.

Pre-Diabetic Symptoms Exclusive to Women

Women having the condition of pre diabetes, generally display some additional symptoms. These symptoms include excessive growth of facial hair, irregularity in menstrual cycles and severe acne. In some conditions, there may be difficulty even in conceiving.

These symptoms of pre diabetes are usually very subtle and so people tend to overlook them. This can be extremely dangerous, as pre diabetes is the precursor of type-2 diabetes. Every patient gets the condition of pre diabetes, before developing the type-2 diabetes. Although, in some cases, pre diabetes just remains dormant in the body, and may appear only occasionally, but this is rare and there is always great amount of risk involved. So, it is important that you take preventive and curative measures for controlling the condition.

Identifying these symptoms of pre diabetes and taking appropriate precautions will prevent the situation from getting worse. It can also be treated if diagnosed in initial stages. So, keep your eyes open for these symptoms and in case you fall in the risk zone, get your blood sugar levels checked.

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