Relation Between Cholesterol And Diabetes

The greater levels of cholesterol are as dangerous as the high blood pressure. This is the case if the person is either diabetic or non-diabetic. The heart stroke and heart disease are linked with high cholesterol levels. These two conditions are the major causes for death in diabetic people.

Relation Cholesterol And Diabetes


Cholesterol is the fat present in the blood which exists in two major forms. These two forms are known as low-density and high-density lipoprotein also called as LDL and HDL respectively. HDL is called as good cholesterol and it protects the heart from escalating any difficulty. LDL is called as bad cholesterol as it is accumulated in the blood vessels. Total cholesterol is the combination of HDL and LDL cholesterol in the body of the diabetics.

When Should a Diabetic Get Tested for Blood Cholesterol?

The health care officials suggest that the total cholesterol test and HDL cholesterol test are carried out as often as once per year. It is difficult to estimate LDL cholesterol. Among most of the patients, the two tests will provide a precise diagnosis.

What are the Protective Measures to Be Taken When Diabetes Causes High Cholesterol?

If the cholesterol levels are observed as higher in an individual, the primary step is to stop the intake of fat. Cutting down the fat intake would be a specific adjustment to the diet. The dietician will be able to provide suggestion for managing the increase in cholesterol levels.

What is the Relation Between Cholesterol and Insulin?

The researchers have an idea that high levels of insulin present in the blood will influence the amount of cholesterol particles present in blood. The LDL cholesterol levels are enhanced by the high levels of insulin. The increased insulin will form plaques in the arteries and reduce the quantity of HDL cholesterol particles. The HDL cholesterol helps in cleaning the dangerous plaques which can contribute to the heart stroke or heart attack. The amount of another form of fat called triglycerides also might increase due to diabetes.

Diabetes is predicted by high cholesterol levels. The people who have the initial stages of insulin resistance are found to be having high levels of cholesterol. This might happen prior to the development of diabetes. Whenever the levels of LDL go high, the doctors instruct the people to be careful about control of blood sugar, starting an exercise regimen and starting the diet. This is done to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Management of blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetes people makes a lot of difference. The control of blood sugar is considered similar to the normal cholesterol levels that are found to be present in the people devoid of diabetes. In the type 1 diabetes individuals who are able to control their blood sugar levels, they have elevated triglyceride levels and lowered HDL levels that are important in the improvement of arteries that are clogged.

The individuals who have controlled or uncontrolled blood sugar levels will have higher triglyceride levels, enhanced LDL and reduced HDL. The higher cholesterol levels might remain like that even if the blood sugar levels are managed well. The type 2 diabetes people are observed to have more plaques formed in their arteries than those with type 1 diabetes. These plaques tend to be more fatty and fibrous in type 2 diabetes people who have higher risk of heart attack and heart stroke.

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