Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes In A Child

Children are more likely to suffer from type 1 diabetes. About 90 percent of children under the age of 16 suffering from diabetes are a patient of type-1 diabetes and this incidence of diabetes in children is rising every year. According to, 90 percent of people under the age of 25 who suffer from diabetes are affected by its type 1 which is due to an autoimmune reaction.

Symptoms Of Diabetes In A Child

And hence, diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in young people. Diabetes in young people is referred as juvenile diabetes.

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

Symptoms of diabetes may occur since a very young age. Children may inherit this disease. A parent must know the early signs of diabetes and must keep a check on their child if one suffers from such symptoms. Some symptoms of diabetes in a child are mentioned as under.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is known as polyuria according to medical terminology. Due to the excessive levels of glucose in blood, a diabetic patient may need to urinate frequently specially during night. So if your child faces such symptoms, you must refer a doctor.

Increased Thirst

It is known as polydipsia in medical terms. Polydipsia means increased thirst, increased need of water or fluid intake. This condition develops because of excess urination which leaves the body in a dehydrated condition.

Hence, to overcome this condition, a diabetic person may tend to drink more water.Therefore, keep a check on your child if they experience such a symptom.

Increase Hunger

Increased hunger is known as polyphagia in medical terms. An increased appetite is also counted as a symptom of diabetes.

Weight Loss

Weight loss due to no apparent reason can be a symptom of diabetes. In diabetes, weight loss occurs due to the fact that the body cells are unable to use insulin either due to its lack of production or due the unresponsiveness of the target receptors for insulin. Glucose is the main source of energy in the body. So to compensate this energy unavailability, cells start depleting the body fat for energy. In this way the body fat gets reduced as the time passes and this can lead to weight loss.


Fatigue and tiredness can also be counted as a symptom of diabetes in a child as well as in an adult. When the body cells remain deprived of sugar, the fatigue develops.

Children are normally quite active and early tiredness in them can be an indication of some underlying problem.

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