Signs & Symptoms Of Insulin Dependent Diabetes

The signs and symptoms of insulin dependent diabetes are the same as that of Type 1 diabetes and juvenile diabetes. This is a condition where the pancreas fails to produce the required amount of insulin and as a result the glucose fails to get into the cells. That fails to produce enough energy and the body suffers.

Signs & Symptoms Of Insulin Dependent Diabetes

This is quite different from Type 2 diabetes where it is the body becomes insulin resistant, that is, the insulin cannot do its job properly. The factors contributing to Type 1 diabetes are many. These may be of genetic nature, effect of certain viral attacks, etc. Insulin dependent diabetes cannot be cured and the best that can be done is management of Type 1 diabetes. But how will one identify this type of diabetes? The initial signs of insulin dependent diabetes are –

Tips to Identify Symptoms of Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Increase in Thirst and Frequency of Urination

This is one of the first signs of type 1 diabetes. The person will show abnormal thirst, even when there is no apparent cause to be thirsty. This happens because the excessive sugar build-up in the blood starts taking in fluid from the surrounding cells and tissues. As a result the need for fluids increases. This also leads to frequent urination and this too will be of abnormal frequency.

Increase in Hunger

Insulin is responsible for breaking down the sugar into energy for the tissues. When this is in short supply, the sugar is not broken down and energy supply diminishes too.

So the body triggers a mechanism to increase hunger with the hope of compensating for the energy. However, that never happens and the hunger becomes intense and looks abnormally high compared to normal hunger.


This is natural fallout of short or no supply of insulin. When the body cells fail to get enough energy, it is normal that they will tire out easily. This is fatigue and it is one of the major symptoms of diabetes.

Weight Loss

A person who feels hungry all the time should not lose weight and that is normal. But the reverse happens in Type 1 diabetes. And this weight loss may happen rapidly.

This is a result of the using up of the fat stores in the body in absence of enough supply of glucose to the cells. The muscle tissues also starts shrinking and that give the skinny look to the people suffering from this type of diabetes.

Blurring of Vision

When the blood sugar level becomes high fluid is drawn from the surrounding tissues. This also includes the tissues of the eye including the lens. As this is affected, the vision suffers and the person finds focusing difficult leading to blurred vision.

These are the general symptoms seen almost always in people suffering from Type 1 or Insulin dependent diabetes. Sometimes the sugar level may fluctuate in people on insulin therapy and they should be careful and watch out for sudden fall in insulin levels.

Warning Signs

Sometimes signs like drying up of mouth and skin, deep and rapid breathing, nausea and stomach pain may be noticed. If these happen together, then care should be taken as these tend to be the warning signs of diabetes.

Immediate consultation with a physician and undergoing the required tests may be necessary to confirm the condition.

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