Some Of The Detailed Symptoms Of Diabetes

Most of the time, Diabetes will remain undiagnosed for a long time as many of the symptoms of this disorder are not harmful. The studies that were made recently reveal that early detection and treatment of Diabetes will prevent the patient to suffer from further complications due to Diabetes.

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The symptoms of Type 1Diabetes include extreme hunger, urinating frequently, abnormal thirst, abnormal weight loss, irritability and excess fatigue. Some of the symptoms of Type2Diabetes are infections occurring often, any of the Type1 symptoms, wounds that heal very slowly, unclear vision, infections in the gum or skin or bladder and numbness in the feet and palms. The Diabetic symptoms seen in the pregnant women are due to the gestational Diabetes. The symptoms of this disorder include abnormal thirst, urinating frequently, hunger, etc.

The pregnant women with gestational diabetes most of the time do not show up any symptoms. Hence, those women have to get tested during their pregnancy for Diabetes. This testing has to be done at proper time without any delay. Some of the factors that can enhance the risk of gestational Diabetes include obesity before the onset of pregnancy, familial inheritance of Diabetes, and presence of gestational Diabetes at the time of previous pregnancy.

Most of the signs and symptoms of Type1 and Type2 Diabetes are almost similar. In both the cases, the glucose in the blood is very high and is present at diminished levels in the body cells. The glucose levels in Type1 Diabetes are higher as the insulin is not produced in enough quantities in those patients.

The low production of insulin is due to the destruction of insulin producing cells. When the body cells become totally resistant to insulin, it will lead to Type2 Diabetes. In both the cases, the body cells will not be supplied with enough glucose they require for their metabolism. This will result in the exposure of certain signs and symptoms.

Detailed Symptoms Of Diabetes

Frequent Urination

If there is more glucose in the blood, it might lead to frequent urination. If the insulin is not effectively released, the filtering of glucose back into the blood is not done properly. Hence, kidneys will pull extra water from the blood to dilute the glucose in urine. The bladder becomes filled frequently leading to urination.

Voracious Thirst

If the body wants to have more water than normal quantity, then it could be due to Diabetes. The thirst accompanied by frequent urination might be due to Diabetes.

If more water is pulled out from the blood and if the person is passing urine for more number of times then the person might become dehydrated. The dehydration might lead to the creation of thirst as the body loses lot of water.

Lose Weight Without any Effort

The symptom of losing weight is observed mostly in Type1 Diabetes. In Type 1Diabetes, insulin production stops either due to the viral infection in pancreas or due to autoimmunity against the insulin releasing cells. As the body cells do not get energy source like glucose, they look for another energy source like muscle tissue and fat tissue. Weight loss is not observed immediately in the case of Type 2Diabetes as the insulin resistance takes place very slowly in this case.


Insulin usually helps the body cells to gain glucose from the blood stream. The cells make use of glucose to survive. In the absence of insulin, the glucose does not enter into the cells and remains in the blood. Hence, the cells become devoid of glucose which will make the person to feel tired and weak.

Numbness in the Legs or Feet and Hands

Numbness in the hands and legs is the symptom that is also known as neuropathy. If glucose is present at high concentrations in the blood for a long time, it will damage the nervous system.

Type 2 Diabetes will not be diagnosed at its early stages and people might have had high glucose levels for many years before the disease is diagnosed. Nervous damage might get initiated at any time without the knowledge of the person. If the blood glucose is managed very effectively then neuropathy can be improved.

Other Symptoms

Other symptoms that result from Diabetes are blurred vision, dry skin, wounds and cuts that take lot of time to heal. All these symptoms occur due to high levels of glucose in the blood. If there are any symptoms of this kind observed, then the individual has to see the doctor. The doctor will give you better idea of whether the person has to worry about getting diagnosed for Diabetes or not.

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