Tertiary Prevention Of Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a more common disease these days. Even young people are getting under the grip of the disease. It normally starts to show its head when the body can no longer create sufficient insulin in the body. The lower the insulin means the higher the blood sugar.

Tertiary Prevention Of Diabetes

The tertiary prevention controls the symptoms of the disease and also prevents the complications that may arise in the future.

Tertiary Prevention For Diabetes

Your Health Matters The Most

No matter what your age is, your health is and should be your center. If you are healthy, there is no way diabetes can attack you. Therefore, your overall health is of utmost importance. You can maintain the high standards of your health through proper diet, exercising and staying away from stress as much as possible. Maintaining the blood circulation as well as the blood sugar level are two important things you should remember to keep yourself healthy.

Have A Balanced Diet

If not preventing, controlling the complications arising out of diabetes can certainly be a possibility. The best thing is to reduce the excess sugar intake. That will help in retaining the sugar level to the normal and acceptable range. There is no question of consuming food items with sugar, but try to avoid food that has natural sugar in it. Sapodilla, apples and mangoes have a huge amount of natural sugar.

A dose of three to five garlic petals each day would be a worthwhile diet to fight diabetes. Consuming garlic at least three times a week would help in bringing the sugar levels under control.


Diabetes is loosely categorized in two types – type I and type II. Type I is associated with kids and children while type II is linked with adults. Insulin injections and oral medication can work for the type I diabetics. It is possible to control the blood sugar this way. Some people even use pumps to pump in the insulin in their bodies as and when they need it.

For the type II diabetics, these people can depend only on exercise and diet. This is usually enough to control the symptoms of the disease. However, it is not possible each and every time, especially if the amount of insulin in the body is low. In such cases, the adults also have to take insulin injections.

Detection Of Diabetes

Tertiary prevention cannot be a possibility if the person is unaware that he/she is carrying the disease. That is why, it is necessary to carry out tests to confirm diabetes. Type II diabetes is more likely to strike the people who are over 40 and are obese as well. Their inactivity like not exercising or taking up any physical work adds to the problems of curing the disease.

The African-Americans, Asians as well as the Pacific Islanders are vulnerable to increasing the type II diabetes. However, it does not mean that people from these regions will bear the brunt of the disease. A visit to your doctor is a must. Timely and customary checkups will help in detecting at what level the disease is, if there any.

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