Top 5 Causes Of Diabetic Eye Disease

Eyes diseases that develop due to diabetes cause serious damage to the eyes. These diseases occur due to the high levels of sugar content in the blood stream. Diabetic eye disease can affect your eye sight bringing you frequent headaches, eye pain and blurring of vision. In some of the worst cases, it may also cause blindness.

diabetic eye disease

Diabetic eye diseases are mostly known to affect people in the old age but it may also occur in young people. Many times, people ignore the eye pain and headaches that are some of the potent symptoms of diabetic eye disease and attribute different reasons for these signs. But, if the eye diseases are left untreated for a considerably long period of time, it may cause severe problems and then you may not be able to do much about it. To prevent you from developing the eye disease due to diabetes such as glaucoma and cataract, it is important that you understand different causes that may lead these diseases.

Main Causes Of Diabetic Eye Disease

Damaged Nerve Tissue

Damaged nerve tissues can be one of the main causes of diabetic eye disease. When the nerve tissues get damaged, the nerve fibers slowly begin to decline with the uncontrolled blood sugar. In diabetic neuropathy, it is observed that some of the nerves that may have been hit several years ago may cause damage only after a considerable period of time.

This may catch you unaware and you would not be able to assume what might cause the eye disease. It is the best to check with your doctor when you begin to notice that your eye problemsare rising with the increase of your blood sugar.

Immune System

Diabetic eye disease can develop due to dysfunctional immune system. In diabetes, the immune system itself harms the insulin producing cells, which lead to over accumulation of glucose in the blood stream.

This situation causes high blood sugar and increases the threat of eye related problems along with several other diseases.

Increased Blood Glucose

Increased levels of glucose in the blood can cause severe eye diseases. In diabetes, when the cells responsible for the production of insulin are destroyed, it leads to reduced or no production of insulin, which causes tremendous increase of blood glucose causing various levels of damage in the body, including damaging your eyes.


Genetics or heredity is one of the main reasons behind diabetic eye diseases. People with a history of diabetes in the family become genetically susceptible to the chronic disease called diabetes. It can cause damage to different organs in the body, especially eyes.

Though, it is a very important cause of diabetic eye disease, this is not the only reason that can lead to such diseases on its own and often combines with other factors to cause diabetic eye disease.

Lifestyle Aspects

An unhealthy lifestyle often leads to several ailments including eye related problems. Smoking, boozing, lack of exercise, and intake of fat-rich diet are some of the main causes of diabetic eye diseases. In addition, if you are overweight, then it becomes more important that you watch your daily routine carefully and work towards endorsing a healthy lifestyle to safeguard yourself from developing diabetic eye disease.

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