Top 5 Causes Of Diabetic Eye Problems

The human eye is the most sensitive part in the body. A minor damage of any sort can cause highly serious problems within no time. However, there are certain eye problems that either come due to the age factor or develop as a result of another disease.

Top 5 Causes Of Diabetic Eye Problems

Diabetic eye problems are such troubles that develop in people due to diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract are the three prominent diabetic eye diseases. Let us have a look at their causes.

Damaged Blood Vessels

There are chances that the blood vessels could get damaged due to diabetic retinopathy. The blood vessels are the most delicate part in the eyes. A little damage can, practically be a huge damage to the eyes. As the patient is already diabetic, chances are that he/she may suffer more compared to non-diabetic patients. Clogging and swelling are a couple of results of the blood vessels getting damaged.

It is possible that over time newer blood vessels may break inside the eyes. That causes blood to leak in the eye itself. It then causes blurring vision. This is known as the proliferative retinopathy.

The Macular Edema

The macular edema can develop at any time of the diabetic retinopathy. However, chances of macular edema are higher, as the disease develops. In macular edema, the fluid leaks at the center of the macular. The leaked fluid is found at that part of the eye where the vision is pointed and straight.

High Blood Sugar Level

The high level of sugar in the blood is a friend of various eye problems. The excessive sugar levels cause the lens to swell. The swelling of the lens forbids one to see clearly.

The person sees only blurred images and the vision is almost never crystal clear. Controlling the sugar level is a way out. You should have 90-130 mg/dL prior to your meals and between 130 and 180 after.


Diabetes causes the cataract to form fogging in front of it. Cataract can happen to anyone, i.e. no exception of sex, age or other health conditions. However, if a person has diabetes, he is more likely to have the cataract problem. To add to the setback the cataract problems start earlier in people having diabetes, than people who are not diabetic. The eye becomes unable to focus on things that cause vision to become handicapped.


The glaucoma problem is related to the fluid in the eyes. It is necessary that the fluid drains as it should. The building up of pressure in the eyes can cause the fluid to stop draining. This is referred to as the glaucoma problem. As the pressure builds up inside the eyes, it is but natural that it will damage the nerves and the delicate blood vessels inside the eyes.

The worrisome thing about glaucoma is that it is hard to detect it on time as there are hardly any symptoms. A considerable amount of loss of vision can make one aware of the problem. However, lighter symptoms include headaches, eye aches or watering eyes.

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