Top 5 Complications Of Diabetes And Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcer is one of the most common side effects that often develop in people with diabetes. It is a skin disorder in which skin lesions appear frequently on the foot and are observed to be slow in healing. Foot ulcers in diabetics mostly develop due to the poor blood circulation or nerve damage.

Complications Diabetes Foot Ulcers

This condition often leads to a number of complications including poor wound healing, loss of sensation and frequent infections. Foot ulcers mostly appear under the toe or ball of both the feet.

Foot ulcers that are often found on the sides of the feet generally develop due to improper fitting of the shoes. It is essential to immediately treat the foot ulcers else the complications may increase from small infections and lead to amputation of the affected part of the foot.

Main Complications Of Foot Ulcers In Diabetics

Frequent Infections

One of the most common complications of foot ulcers in people with diabetes is frequent infections. When foot ulcers are ignored and left untreated for a long time, then it can lead to skin and bone infections. Sometimes people do not realize that slight pain and itching of an untreated wound that’s supposed to heal on its own can lead to severe infections.

In diabetes, healing is slowed down due to poor circulation of blood and even small infections can turn dangerous when left untreated. These infections are mostly characterized by occasional discharge, fever and foul odor from the wound.

Necrotic Tissue

Necrosis is yet another complex problem of untreated foot ulcer in diabetes. In diabetic foot ulcers, the skin tissues sometimes do not receive sufficient oxygen, which leads to necrosis.

This condition is often characterized by discoloration of the skin, foul odor, numbness and swelling. It is essential that you consult the doctor as soon as you find any of the symptoms of the dead tissues.

Reduced Mobility

Foot ulcers can cause reduced mobility due to increased discomfort, pain and swelling in the affected foot. Generally people with foot ulcers suffer from damaged tissue, which can inflame the other tissues surrounding the damaged tissues affecting their ability to walk.

It makes difficult for them even to wear the normal shoes. It is important to consult the doctor and not linger the symptoms of foot ulcers, especially when you are also suffering from diabetes. It may become fatal when left untreated.

Sensory Loss

Foot ulcers in diabetes often leads to sensory loss due to which diabetics fail to realize any pain caused due to foot ulcers.

The coldness of feet can cause several complications which can get aggravated because the patient would not feel any problem unless some other problem becomes prominent.


Amputation is by far the biggest complication caused by foot ulcers in diabetics. When the foot ulcer is left untreated for a considerably long period of time, it may lead to severe consequences such as amputation of the affected part of the foot.

This is often considered as the last resort by doctors when foot ulcers seem to have passed the stage where it could be treated through medications or other ways of treatment.

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