Top 5 Diabetic Retinopathy Pain Causes

Diabetic retinopathy pain develops due to the damage of the retina due to diabetes. The retina of the eye is a very sensitive membrane that protects the back of our eyes, and any damage to these membranes can cause various eye related issues. Diabetic retinopathy is mainly characterized by severe pain and pressure in the eyes but it can also cause blurry vision, blank spots, flashing lights or double vision.

In some cases, it may also lead to problems in seeing from the corners of the eyes and even may develop illusion of seeing rings. This ailment can develop in any person who is suffering from diabetes. It is important to diagnose the symptoms and understand the causes of this condition at an early stage else if this condition goes untreated for a long time, it can lead to complete loss of vision.

Significant Diabetic Retinopathy Pain Causes

High Blood Sugar

High amount of sugar in the blood is one of the most important causes of diabetic retinopathy pain. For a normal functioning of the body, it is important that the glucose produced in the body is used to absorb the food nutrients, failing which diabetic problem arises, giving rise to other associated health issues including retinopathy pain.

The diabetic retinopathy pain develops due to insufficient secretion of insulin in the body. It leads to the accumulation of abnormally high amount of sugar content in the blood. It helps to check your blood sugar level regularly to keep it under control and reduce the chances of developing diabetic retinopathy pain.

Weak Blood Vessels

Weak blood vessels often lead to diabetic retinopathy pain. It may also cause abnormal blood vessels to grow on the surface of retina.

The walls of blood vessels often get weakened and lead to the development of microaneurysms. Microaneurysms are small bulges that develop in the walls of blood vessels and cause swelling and begin to leak fluids and blood, which cause irritation and pain.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure can also cause diabetic retinopathy pain. When a diabetic person develops high blood pressure, then this dangerous combination causes different complications including retinopathy pain. It increases the damage and weakens the vessels of the eyes, thereby clouding the vision all the more.

Damage of Nerves

Any damage caused to the nerves of the eyes may cause retinopathy. Diabetes often leads to damage of nerves of the eyes, which may cause blurry vision, pain and strain on the eyes.

It is essential to know the symptoms of this disorder, so that when you experience pain or pressure on your eyes you need not ignore it attributing different reasons for the discomfort and reach an eye specialist immediately, who can further diagnose and help treat the problem.

High Levels of Cholesterol

People who are reported to have diabetes with increased levels of cholesterol are considered to be at a higher risk of developing retinopathy pain than those who do not have high cholesterol. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle and eat low-fat food to maintain normal cholesterol levels and prevent yourself from developing the diabetic retinopathy pain.

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