Top 5 Symptoms Of Child Onset Diabetes

Child onset diabetes, commonly known as the juvenile diabetes is a chronic disease that restricts the ability of the body to generate enough insulin required to process blood sugar effectively. Insulin is a crucial hormone that moves glucose from the blood to different cells. It helps in converting the essential nutrients of glucose into energy for the body.

diabetes symptoms in children

When the body cannot produce the required amount of insulin, glucose piles up in the blood and gives rise to high blood sugar. The symptoms of child onset diabetes are known to affect the body both steadily and suddenly. It is essential to be aware of the symptoms of child onset diabetes.

Knowing the Top Symptoms of Child Onset Diabetes

Increased Urination and Thirst

The juvenile diabetes often leads to increased urination, thereby resulting in excessive thirst. A child suffering from diabetes tends to urinate more than normal because the kidney is constantly working to flush out the extra glucose from the body in the form of urine. As a major side effect of juvenile diabetes, your child can even wet the bed at night. Also, the fluid in the body is used to dilute the extra glucose making the child drink more water.

Excessive Hunger

Increased hunger is one of the major symptoms of juvenile diabetes. The lack of insulin fails to help convert glucose into the required energy, which makes a diabetic child feel hungry after every small interval and crave for food. If you observe that your child demands more food than normal, be alert and check with the pediatrician.

Weight Loss and Fatigue

Ironically, diabetes increases the appetite of the child but still the child with diabetes tends to lose significant amount of weight or cannot gain a healthy weight. When the body does not get the required energy, it breaks the natural fat present in the body. In addition, with low energy, a child is bound to experience fatigue regularly. It could make your child lethargic and get tired very easily. It is important to check with your doctor when you observe that your child is constantly losing weight, despite the increased appetite.

Blurred Vision

Blurring of the vision is one of the most important symptoms of child onset diabetes. In this condition, your kid may often complain about the blurry eye sight.

When the sugar level rises in the blood, the body tends to pull the fluid from the lenses of eyes making it difficult for the child to see things clearly. If this medical ailment is not treated in its early stages, then it may lead to major complications and can even cause blindness.


A diabetic child is bound to experience infections, mostly visible as diaper rashes. In small girls, infection can be as serious as a vaginal yeast infection. Many times a small cut or wound would take a lot of time to heal. It is important that as parents, you do not ignore these infections and check with the doctor immediately for they may be serious symptoms of child-onset diabetes.

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