Top 5 Symptoms Of Diabetic Problems

Diabetes is a disease in which the cells of body are not able to utilize the blood glucose properly. Glucose is important for the normal body functioning and energy production. Hence, when theglucose supply to the cells is not adequate, their functioning is impaired.

5 Symptoms Of Diabetic Problems

Glucose mal-absorption by the cells is due to the lack of a hormone, Insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreatic cells which help the body cells in up taking glucose from blood. When there is a lack of production of insulin due to the immunological destruction of insulin producing cells (type 1 diabetes) or when the insulin target receptors do not function properly (type 2 diabetes), then the condition of diabetes appears.

Symptoms Of Diabetic Problems

Sometimes a person may suffer from diabetes without knowing it for a long time. Symptoms may go unnoticed. This can lead to the development of very serious complications. Diabetes if not controlled, can pose serious threat to life and can also result in amputation of feet or leg because these body parts are most affected during diabetes.

Therefore, symptoms of diabetic problems should not be ignored and if someone experiences such symptoms, then they should immediately seek medical attention because diabetes should never go uncontrolled. The following are major symptoms of diabetic problems:

Frequent Urination

This is known as polyuria in medical terms. A symptom of diabetes includes the frequent need of urinating especially during night. Increased urination is due to the excessive levels of glucose in blood which is excreted by kidneys.

Increased Thirst

Another major symptom of diabetes is increased need of drinking water or fluids. It is known as polydipsia in medical terms.

The frequent urination leaves the body in a dehydrated condition hence, the need of water intake increases abnormally.

Increased Appetite

This condition is known as polyphagia according to medical terminology. Increased hunger may also be counted as a symptom of diabetes mellitus.

Weight Loss

Weight loss due to no reason can also stand out to be one of the symptoms of diabetic problems. When the cells do not receive adequate amounts of glucose, they then start depleting fats in order to obtain energy. The excessive consumption of fats causes weight loss. Moreover, depletion of fats causes the accumulation of ketone bodies in blood that decreases the blood pH and hence, the acid-base balance of the body is disturbed.


Excessive levels of glucose in blood may lead to a condition known as hyperglycemia. Hence, this stands out to be a major symptom of diabetes. Symptoms of hyperglycemia include polydipsia, dry mouth, blur vision, slow healing process of wounds, headaches, weight loss and polyuria.

Other Symptoms Of Diabetes

Fatigue, weakness, tiredness, itching sensation around vagina or penis, appearance of cuts, ulcers or infection on foot or leg, sensation of numbness or tingling in arms, hands, fingers, foot and toes, stiffness in hip, ankle, hand and wrist along with muscle weakness. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, it is strictly advised to consult your doctor immediately for the proper treatment and medication.

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