Top Symptoms Of Nerve Damage From Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease, which in its advanced stages may lead to damaging the nerves in our body. When the blood sugar level in the body remains high for a long time, it often gives rise to several complications including damaging of nerves. It leads to numbness and pain in the affected area.<

Top Symptoms Nerve Damage From Diabetes

You may be suffering from this condition for a long time, but may not be able to identify the symptoms of nerve damage caused due to diabetes. The intensity of the symptoms varies from one person to another depending on the affected nerves in the body. This medical condition may occur in any part of the body and is not restricted to the sensory nerves only. It is necessary to understand the symptoms of nerve damage due to diabetes as you can control it, if it is diagnosed and treated in its early stages.

Symptoms of Nerve Damage from Diabetes

Numbness or Tingling Effect

Numbness in the affected area is one of the major symptoms of nerve damage from diabetes. This condition occurs in extreme cases when the blood sugar in the body is very high for several years and the diabetes rises beyond control. The numbness and tingling effect can arise in the legs, toes, arms, feet and even fingers, causing pain. Many people may experience this symptom for a long time but do not pay attention, which leads to severe cases of losing the sensation completely in the affected area.

Stomach and Digestive Issues

Nerve damage from diabetes can lead to complications with stomach and digestive system. It may cause constipation and also lead to diarrhea. It can also cause difficulties in urination.

You may experience these problems but may not realize that it can be due to a severe condition like nerve damage due to diabetes. Many times, you may even ignore considering different reasons for these symptoms. So, it is important to understand these symptoms to take them seriously, before it gets too late for you to act upon them.


Weakness is one of the main symptoms of nerve damage from diabetes. People suffering fromnerve damage caused due to diabetes can get very tired even without doing severe physical activity. It may also cause muscles weakness and lead to dizziness. This may occur mostly when you get up after sitting or standing for a long time. The change in the levels of blood pressure can lead to these uncomfortable medical conditions.


The most common symptom of nerve damage from diabetes is pain. The affected body part tends to cause pain that can continue for a very long time.

It may even worsen or keep coming in intervals for a year or even more. Mostly, leg is the main affected body part where the pain can be very severe and would require immediate treatment.

Other Symptoms

Some of the other symptoms that are considered important in identifying nerve damage from diabetes include vaginal dryness in women and erectile dysfunction in men. People suffering from this condition tend to have vomiting problems causing them to throw up the food that they may have eaten just a couple of hours ago for a meal. It may also lead to drowsiness.

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