Type 1 Diabetes Complications In Children

One of the most unfortunate diseases that affect children at an early age is type 1 diabetes. According to statistics, even in countries in developed countries like United States, more than 13000 children are diagnosed with early type 1 diabetes. In case of type 1 diabetes, your child’s pancreas is no longer able to produce the necessary amount of insulin so there is a need to inject insulin into their blood system to replace the amount of it missing.

Initially, type 1 diabetes was also known as “juvenile diabetes” or “insulin dependent diabetes”. Like in case of all kinds of diabetes, there is a need to constantly monitor blood sugar levels and calculate the carbohydrate intake. Insulin is also injected into the blood stream to balance the levels in the blood stream.

Initially, it can be very nerve-wrecking and heart wrenching to make little children abstain from glucose-induced food, especially since they are at an age when they must enjoy sweets – but, taking careful steps to keep their blood sugar, however minor the condition may be, at an early stage is always good for the future.

Complications Of  Type 1 Diabetes In Children

Due to the adversity of diabetes or type 1 diabetes as a condition, it is believed that the disease may affect every major organ in a child’s body, including the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves , etcetera. But, like every other case, this is the worst case scenario. One can keep the blood sugar level in check and control the diet of their child, to dramatically reduce the affects this condition can have on their child’s youth.

But, if dietary habits and glucose levels are not controlled, in the long run, type 1 diabetes can develop several complications which may be life threatening.

Damage To The Eyes, Limbs And Nerves

It could cause irreparable damage to a child’s retina, decrease blood flow to the feet and injure the walls of blood vessels that are a part of your child’s nerve endings.

These complications, apart from the complication to the eyes, usually affect the child’s legs as it could easily cause numbness or slow paralysis to the limbs.

Damage To The Heart

Like in case of every diabetic patient, type 1 diabetes leads the child to be susceptible to cardiovascular complications, strokes or high blood pressure.

Damage To The Kidney

Once again, the blood vessels and nerve endings if damaged, may lead to renal failure.


Several skin problems may occur to the child during the course of medical neglect but along with that, the most common threat to many type 1 diabetes are osteoporosis  or decreased bone mineral density.

Risk Factors

Several factors are known to contribute to the sighting of type 1 diabetes in children.

Family history of the disease from either side of the child’s parentage. This is a common risk that affects not only type 1 diabetes patients but also diabetic patients from other age groups.Usually, children who have diabetic grandparents or parents run higher chances of developing the condition. Low vitamin D levels often become a huge risk factor in case of children who have type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be predicted and there is no way to completely cure it. But, the most effective and safe way to fight this is to regularly monitor and control glucose intake. Regular exercises and physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, would help your child lead a normal life.

Though in some cases, insulin injections are recommended – it would be advisable not to use them unless your child’s doctor strictly recommends them. Insulin injections are for the more extreme cases.

But, there is no need to lose hope since the best thing to do would be to constantly monitor your child’s diet and be in touch with the doctor about his/her medication.

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