Various Diabetes And Bad Breath Complications

The saying that diabetes and bad breath are related to each other is not at all a myth, but is a reality. It has been scientifically proved by medical researchers. High blood pressure increases the gum problems severely, hence leading to increased risk of unpleasant breath in diabetes.

Various Diabetes

Thus, the usual cause of the bad breath is because of the uncontrolled blood sugar due to diabetes. People suffering from bad breath avoid talking for fear, which may lead to serious problems in the future.

Diabetes And Bad Breath Complications

Cause Of Bad Breath

DKA or Diabetic ketoacidosis is a dangerous type 1 diabetic disease in which the body loses the ability to utilize glucose as a fuel, since the insulin production is not enough. Instead fat is used by the patient’s body. This type of diabetes happens during childhood and an accumulation of ketones due to unnecessary fat breakdown takes place. These acidic ketones make your blood acidic and hence need to be expelled out of the body in the form of urine or breath, thus causing the bad breath.

Periodontal Disease And Gingivitis

Accumulation of plague that invites various viral and bacterial infections in the gums and tooth area is an effect of periodontal disease. This is caused by diabetes, while inflammation of the gums and other gum complications is caused by gingivitis, another effect of diabetes.

The tooth roots are exposed, the gum is decayed and the person suffers from the recurring bad breath problem. Severe complications may arise due to the stinking breath problem and can’t be cured by simple flossing and brushing your teeth.

Ketosis Aids In Diagnosing Diabetes

One of the most common systematic causes of bad breath is due to diabetes. Ketosis is caused due to diabetes, which results in the bad breath problem. Also, in majority of the cases, diabetes is diagnosed by a dentist who cures a patient suffering from bad breath. Thus, bad breath is one of the primary symptoms that helps diagnose diabetes.The elevated levels of ketones and absence of glucose in your body, resulting from diabetes is yet another source for bad breath.

Halitosis-The Bad Breath Disease

The medical term, used for bad breath is known as halitosis, a very common situation for diabetic patients. Due to an impairment of insulin production, the bodily function of production of glucose is easily hampered.

This results in halitosis, the stinking breath complication. One of the worst points of diabetes caused halitosis is that it cannot be easily cured and hence is quite a permanent effect, until you cure diabetes, contrary to halitosis as a result of other oral problems.

Diabetic Statistics

The oral complications of diabetes are quite widespread and alarming. While 60 % of the type 1 diabetic patients suffer from halitosis, 40 % of type 2 diabetes suffer from it. Medical researchers have claimed that the effects and affected ratio are yet to increase due to negligence. Researchers have found out that periodic brushing and different modes of tooth brushing helps alleviate periodontics and gingivitis complications. Statistics also claim that majority of bad breath is cured by curing of the original disease.

It should be kept in mind that Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Halitosis are even fatal and can be a dangerous poison. However, they are curable though both oral cures as well as taking care of the disease.

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