Yoga For Diabetes Prevention

Yoga can help you to prevent diabetes and that is good news for those who have the risk of getting the condition. You must know that yoga has quite a number of beneficial effects on the body like calming the mind and in stress reduction; in increasing flexibility and keeping the joints in working condition; lowering body weight; in improving circulation and managing blood pressure, and of course, incontrolling blood sugar.

yoga for diabetes

This is the obvious question that will arise next. To understand it you will need to know how yoga works. Yoga is a low impact and gently paced routine that uses a set of meditative postures and exercises that work both on the brain and internal organs apart from working on the muscles and bones. This internal action on the organs is what actually works in prevention of diabetes.

Here are the Ways in Which Yoga Works in Prevention of Diabetes

Glucagon is a peptide hormone that is released by pancreas and its action is just the opposite of the function of insulin. It increases glucose level in the bloodstream when the level of glucose falls. And this action takes place when the body experiences stress. Yoga helps in stress reduction and this keeps down the glucagons secretion, thereby preventing any diabetic condition.

Yoga also keeps the other stress hormones under control. It reduces the level of cortisol, adrenaline and other non-adrenaline stress hormone secretion. This is directly beneficial for prevention of diabetes as this proves helpful for proper insulin action.

Diabetes is the result of malfunction of pancreas. Yoga helps to stimulate the internal organs and that would include the pancreas too. And, healthy function of the pancreas will directly affect insulin release. So a healthy system will also help in prevention of rise of glucose level in the blood and prevent diabetes.

Yoga & Diabetes Prevention

Type 2 diabetes is often the result of obesity apart from other factors. Yoga is just another form of exercise and the weight control that it does plays an important part in keeping diabetes at bay. Exercises and physical activities are advised for control of diabetes. However, it is not always possible for the elderly and those having physical problems to go through heavy routines. Yoga is just perfect for them.

Yoga, being a form of exercise, will directly affect the muscular system. And if the muscular system functions properly, it will take up the glucose from blood and reduce chances of deposition. So effective use of blood glucose will automatically lower the chances of getting diabetes.

Blood pressure is one of the factors that can contribute to development of diabetes. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep this in control without going for medications. Similarly, blood cholesterol is also kept under control with yoga. When both of these factors are kept under control, the chances of getting diabetes get reduced considerably.

Yoga is a great way to prevent diabetes and there is no doubt about it. But those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes should not feel left out. Yoga has been accepted to have the ability of reducing drug dependency in the diabetics.

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